Welcome to Boutier Winery!

Boutier Winery is dedicated to providing high quality traditional and custom wines, personally labeled for your special occasions or for use as promotional tools. These exclusive gifts are sure to make a lasting impression with family, friends, and business associates. At Boutier Winery, we emphasize "quality" rather than "quantity." Our wines are exclusive, unique, and produced in limited quantities. Boutier wines have earned national and international awards, including:

Whether you drop in for an impromptu visit or set up a private wine - tasting session with a group of friends, the camaraderie and conversation will ensure a pleasant and memorable experience. It is our sincere desire that Boutier wines:

Georgia winery's Bordeaux wins bronze medal in international contest

By ERIN FRANCE - Published Sunday, July 17, 2011

From fruit wines, to dry reds and crisp whites, Danielsville-based Boutier Winery and Vineyards have both amateurs and connoisseurs covered.

Growing Grapes in Danielsville feature by the flagpole.com

Anna Ferguson Hall published September 2010

Pulling onto the dirt road lined with fields of high grass, I had a hard time believing one of the most acclaimed wineries in the region was here. In Danielsville.

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